Thursday, December 28, 2006

Splurgy Splurge Splurge!

Well I have gone and done it. I have just bought a big screen HDTV. It's a 56 inch, 1080p, rear projection DLP. 1080p is supposed to be the top of the line in picture quality, and DLP seems to be the best of the big screen technologies.

I also bought a stand to place it on.

Lastly, I bought a up-converting DVD player, designed to take standard DVDs and upgrade the image to HD quality.

When I contacted my cable company today to ask about HD cable, I got some other interesting information. Seems like that if I switch my phone over to them, they will upgrade my current cable package, upgrade my current internet package, and provide exactly the same phone service as my phone company (with my current phone number) for only $10 more a month than what I am paying now, and the deal is guaranteed for 12 months.

Then when my TV gets here, and I upgrade to HD, with a package of HD channels and a HD DVR, I will still be paying less all in than I am currently paying for cable and phone today.

Don't hate me.

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Kirbside said...

i'll be over often, get used to it.