Saturday, December 16, 2006

Enviroweenie Hypocrisy

There is an Island off the coast of Maryland and Virginia that is currently the source of a problem. It seems that 400 years ago, early European settlers used to stash some of their livestock on this island to avoid taxes. Some of the horses bred, and soon a wild herd developed. The horses on the Virginia part of the island are owned by a volunteer fire department. They regularly round up the excess horses and sell them. The Maryland part of the Island is owned by the National Park Service. So naturally, they allow the horses to roam unchecked.

Sixty years ago, a woman (naturally) wrote a book about these horses called Misty of Chincoteague. It's a book that generations of young girls have read and silently wished for a horse of their own. It's the type of book that probably 80% of the enviroweenies have read as a child.

The horses are now wrecking the environment on the Maryland side. The Park Service has tried forced contraception, but that had unintended consequences (which usually happens when man intervenes in nature and tries to force an outcome) and didn't work. So now the Park Service is contemplating having a round up on their side of the island, and moving some of the horses to a new park or to sanctuaries. Note, not sell the horses like the Virginia ones, just round them up and move them some where else.

Of course the enviroweenies are up in arms. Never mind that identical horses are rounded up every year from the same island. It would be too traumatic for the horses. It would be meddling in the park's environment. (never mind that the horses are foreign invaders, they're cute little horsies you unfeeling monster!)

Does anyone doubt that if this had been a small, 400 year old, community of humans that was adversely affecting the environment and endangered species that the enviroweenies would instead be protesting and demanding that the humans be rounded up and forcibly relocated?

(H/T: John Miller of The Corner)


Ed said...

Dude did you even read the article?

So your an "enviroweenie" if you read a book about horses? Or just ones not titled "Black Beauty?"


All the Humane Society (I didn't know they were environweenies now) want to do is see if the force contraceptive plan can be made to work. Wow what kind of idiot would say let's wait and see if our plan would work.

You said "Note, not sell the horses like the Virginia ones, just round them up and move them some where else."

but the article you quoted says.
"either sold or taken to privately owned sanctuaries on the mainland."

Sounds like selling to me. Not that it really matters.

See Gahrie that's what the middle hates about you guys. Find a story. Tell half truths, at best and slam a group you sterotype. It's tired and old and it's why the Left won the election.

But far be it for me to let a fact stand in the way of you of your opinions.

Gahrie said...

1) Did YOU read the article?

2) They've been trying contraception for years now, and all it does is make the horses live longer! It has made the problem worse in the short term, and has questionable long term effects.

3) The exact same horses, separated merely by geography, have been rounded up and sold for the past sixty years without any ill effects.

4) The horses are NOT NATURAL. They were artifically introduced by man. They are destroying the actual natural environment of the area. If they weren't so cute and the secret desire of every little girl, they would have been shot (like the Park Service does to wolves and other nuisance animals) or rounded up like their neighbors long ago.

5) You never did answer my question. What if they had been humans instead of horses? What would the enviroweenies be doing? Would they be campaigning against forcibly re-locating them? I think we both know the answer to that.

6) My point about the selling of the Maryland horses is that they wouldn't be going to meatpackers, glue factories or even private owners like the Virginia ones do..they would be set free to roam in a wilderness again.

7) The hypocrisy of the enviroweenies is amazing..let's drive our SUVs and fly our Gulfstream jets to conferences where we will demand that everyone else make sacrifices to save the pretty animals.

8) Conservatives are the true conservationists. They believe in putiing your money (not the taxpayers) where your mouth is, and buying the land yourself. We manage the land instead of neglect it like the Federal government does. All the Federal lands are beset by over-population, over-growth of the forests (which leads to devasting fires) and well-intentioned but disasterous meddling.