Friday, December 29, 2006

Althouse VS The Liberty Fund Symposium

The brouhaha over the Liberty Fund symposium about Frank S. Meyer and the issue of federalism continues. (here and here)

In her latest post, Althouse clarifies that her main objection was the fact that some Libertarians are willing to allow private businesses to discriminate on the basis of race.

But I had brought up the subject of discrimination by private business-owners,
which was roundly defended at the table in the name of restricting government to
the most minimal level of intrusion on the individual, in hardcore,
true-believer libertarian style. (Believe me, the readings expressed the most
morbid fear of government you can imagine.)

What is confusing to me however, that this arguement that she finds so objectionable when it concerns the right of free association (and possible discrimination) is exactly the same arguement that she (and most of those on the Left) find so persuasive when it is applied to the issue of abortion. Apparently she believes it is a far greater ethical, moral and legal offense to discriminate against someone based on their race than it is to kill an innocent life.

Althouse's position appears to me to be a perfect example of my two main thesis about the Left today.

1) The Left's strategy is to constantly place the Right on the defensive.

2) The Left is completely blind when it commits to noticing their blatant and persistent hypocrisy.

This only goes to show you those among the Kossack moonbats who attack Althouse as being a rightwinger have no idea of what they are talking about.


Daryl Herbert said...

This is in response to two of your comments on Althouse's site:

The first time I, and another poster reponded with our observation that this is in fact precisely what happens when ever Marx or communism is discussed. We even provided the most over used sentence in economics: "True Marxism has never been tried."

Ann was intentionally referring to that (in a subtle way) when she made her original remark. That's why she hasn't responded (she's got nothing to add).

Gahrie said...


That's a charitable interpretation. My interpretation was that Althouse was insinuating that such a thing would never, and should never happen.

Which is not the experience that most of us on the right have had.

Kyle said...

Gahrie -- Why would you think she meant it that way? Seems like a willful misreading.

As to your two alleged hallmarks of the Left, I could swear they were hallmarks of the Right. Seems like people belonging to whatever political allegiance are going to believe exactly those two things about members of whatever the opposing political allegiance happens to be.

You've got to get some more critical thinking under your belt and be on guard against your blind spots.

1) The Left's strategy is to constantly place the Right on the defensive.

2) The Left is completely blind when it commits to noticing their blatant and persistent hypocrisy.

Gahrie said...

1) It's quite clear that Althouse was using her comment about Marxism to contrast with what happened to her at the Liberty Fund. If she was attemting to employ some sort of sarcasm, it was extremely subtle, and by the reaction to when she tried to use it the first time, ineffective.

2)On what subjects is the Left placed on the defensive today? Is the Left forced to defend their support for abortion? Or does the MSM and society automatically assume that to be pro-choice is reasonable? In fact in the abortion debate aren't the pro-lefe supporteers the ones labeled extremists and fundamentalists? When was the last time you heard the term extreme, fundamentalist or ultra liberal used?

3) See my earlier post for more examples of Leftwing hypocrisy.

Ed said...

As someone in the middle (or at least I think I am in the middle) you manage to state everything we in the middle are getting tired of the Right (and the left for that matter)

1. Both of you right and left say the same thing. All the other side wants to do is pick a fight and they are hypocrits.

2. It doesn't matter what the topic the right and left have to bring up abortion. So while the middle wants to talk about other things we have to wade through dogmatic yelling and nothing gets done.

Gahrie said...


That's the beauty of our system, and the way it was set up to be.

The most effective and efficent governments have tended to be pretty horrific.