Saturday, September 30, 2006

It Must Be Election Time....

Literally every single time I have lingered for more than a second on MSNBC the last two days, they have been talking about Woodward's new book. This book is a slam against the White House, (I know..surprise surprise) based on leaks and back stabbing interviews.

The next Republican president should completely clean house at the State department and CIA, they have become bastions of Democratic hacks and internationalists who could care less about the US. Send them all home like Pres. Reagan did with the air traffic controllers.

We will be in marginal more danger (given the track record of the State Department and CIA) while the two organizations are reconstituted, but the danger will be worth it.

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Nathrax said...

Well, you got to give some credibility to the guy that broke Watergate. And like Nixon i can hear Condi saying "I am not a crook". Its simple, she was relatively new, was being breifed everyday, maybe overbriefed, al-Quada wasn't really on the radar, and she heard one of 1000 reports that she placed on the back burner and forgot about.

That could just bite her in the ass if she would fess up. She would take her lumps but survive maybe even stronger depending on the spin.

Her denials is what is going to ruin her, just like Tricky Dick.