Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Shall Never Forget...

I remember the morning of 9-11-01 very well. My Mom had just called me over to look at the news (a live shot of the Twin Towers) about a plane hitting a building in New York. Almost immediately the second plane hit. I was consumed with a deep anger, because I knew what had happened. One plane may be an accident, two is a plot. My mind did not leap to Osama, but I did know it was Islamic terrorists.

I was watching live TV when the Challenger blew up also. I remember the grief and sadness I felt, and the anger for the anchorman who was apparently unaware of what had happened and kept droning on about the mission.

9-11 was different though. This wasn't an accident, this was planned.

I have always been labeled pro-Arab. I understand the anger about the imposition of Israel in their midst. I have always believed in a Palestinian state. I can even understand intellectually the anger and futility that the Islamic world feels when they compare their standard of living to ours.

But when it comes down to a question of us or them, (and I think this conflict does) then there is no question whose side I am on. In the last five years I have come to believe that we are in a clash of civilizations, the modern world versus the medieval one. And even if we were so inclined as to show mercy, our mercy would be scorned as weakness and rejected. We are going to have to develop the resolve and the will to eliminate Islam as a force in the world. Because they are never going to give up, reform or back down. Their culture and religion simply will not allow them to. We have spent the last two centuries fighting against Islamic expansion, in Moorish Spain, at the Battle of Tours, in the Balkans. Islam has made more gains in the last fifty years than in the 500 years before it. Europe has been thourghly infiltrated. Already one Islamic state has developed atomic weapons, and a second is on the cusp. MAD will not work on these people, because as far as we are concerned they are quite simply mad.

Genocide is an ugly word, for an ugly act. We can all hope that it never comes to that. The problem is, our enemies are literally praying that it does come to that.

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Nathrax said...

I'll never forget, but apparently this administration will.

Bush absically cut and ran in Afganistan to pursue his war in Iraq. The job wasn't finished. If we put all the manpower and money into getting that fucker that went into Iraq, and consequently Bush's friends pockets, then we could have taken care of Iraq later. There was no need to take care of Iraq immediately.

Now its a quagmire, a training grounds for terrorists - it wasn't before because Saddamm did not trust such - Iran sees the oppourtunity to make us look inept, and most importantly our gas went from $1.50 to $3 a gallon, while oil went from $25 a barrell to $70+, while oil companies got records profits for sodomizing the public, chose not to perform maintenance on the pipelines or refineries, and yet give themselves $400 million bonuses when they retire.

I'll rephrase my rant. I haven't forgot. Gary hasn't forgot. The people of America have not forgot. Even the big corporate conglemerates and the Bush Administration have not forgot, these last two just don't give a fuck.