Thursday, April 27, 2006

National Anthem Outrage

Some idiot has re-written the words of the American National Anthem and translated it and recorded it in Spanish. The pro-immigration groups are distributing this recording to radio stations in an effort to get everyone to give it airplay. This was a serious mistake. It will destroy all the goodwill they have been trying to build by downplaying the Mexican flags.

John and Ken had the great, great grandson of Francis Scott Key on today talking about this, and he got it exactly right. There is one flag, one national anthem, and one president, and if you disagree, you don't belong here.

It's the NATIONAL Anthem , numbnuts. You can't have more than one version.


Ed said...

This is how bad an idea it is. I don't agree with it. The worst thing you can do to a country. The worst. Is introduce multiple languages into the culture (see Quabec.) It doesn't matter which language that is picked just that we stick to one. As it is the founding fathers went with English (German was a close second) so English it is.

Ed said...

A very close second is not spelling Quebec right. That and not fighting a land war in Asia.

Anonymous said...

How can the people that rewrote the anthem say they are americans (some of them were born here) and mess wiht our national anthem? Have some respect for it. I'm an immigrant myself, I waited 5 years to come to this country legally, and it really bothers me the disrespect being shown for the most sacred song a country has.
The official languange of this country is english, not spanish.