Monday, June 04, 2007

A Sign of the Times.......

I'm driving home from work today, listening to KBIG on the radio, (contemporary pop) and all of a sudden I am "treated" to a commercial for HIV drugs. Have we truly gone that far? Are drug companies now competing for profits by selling HIV drugs? How sad is that?

I am glad that people afflicted with this disease are now able to treat themselves and extend their lives. If you were old enough, surely you remember when Magic Johnson announced he had HIV. I nearly cried. Back then HIV was a death sentence, and a quick one at that. Sixteen years later, he is still going strong. But do I have to endure commercials for HIV treatments? Is HIV nothing more than a bad case of hemorrhoids now?

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Stephen Rider said...

I think I've got you beat.

I mean, come on... they've been hawking herpes meds for years as though they were soda pop.