Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fox News Discussion on Immigration 6/17/07

Juan Williams: "...millions of immigrants who want to become American citizens...."

Wrong. Most of them don't want to be American citizens. Many of them just want to work here and send the money home, and then return home when they can. Another significant portion want to turn large parts of the United States into Mexico, and they are doing a damn good job of it so far. It is the very fact that most of them don't want to become American that is pissing many of us off.

Mara Liasson: ".......Many Democrats have decided that being on the right side of this issue is good for the long term prospects of the party...."

Exactly. The problem is, they are supposed to be worried about the long term prospects of the country, not their party.

Later on....

Thomas Friedman: "....Thor on Mount Olympus...throwing bolts....."

You know, if President Bush had said this, Friedman would have written a 10,000 word column about how dumb Bush is. I'll be much more charitable, and give Tommy boy the benefit of the doubt and say he misspoke. Thor is Norse, Olympus is Greek, and it was Zeus who threw lightning and thunder from Olympus.

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