Thursday, August 18, 2005

Visas? We Doan Need No Stinkin' Visas! Pt 3

Well this is disgusting. It is quite clear that not only is the Mexican government encouraging its poor to come to the United States illegally, it is teaching them how, and spending money to help them. They are literally publishing a how to manual, teaching them how to enter the U.S. illegally. Now comes word that they were paying for transportation to help move potential illegals to areas where it is easier to cross the border. When is our government going to stand up for our country? The Mexican government is openly helping its citizens violate our laws. In my opinion, all U.S. funds going to Mexico must be immediately embargoed until the Mexican government decides to behave responsibly.


Nathrax said...

Each individual border state needs to declare a state of emergency and put the National Guard on the border. Give them shoot to kill orders.

Meanwhile amend each state constution to include no benefits to illegal clauses, and then make an agency to go after them. Take a couple of decommioned troop transports ships and put them on it until full, then go to Mexico's southern border and dump them off there.

If the National Guard will not mobilize then each state needs its own militia again.

This is a result of Bush administration policy. Bush's business buddies want illegals here, higher profits for them. Bush has his head so far upon Fox's ass he could lick the back of his teeth.

Illegals are a drain on our schools, infrastructure, and hospitals. Do yo ever think why rents are so high? Well 10 illegals families are stuffed into one apartment, so they pay about $100 a month for it, while the rest of us pay $1000. Their rent never increase because if the rate goes up they'll just shove in another family.

You want to see rents go down. Take all the illegals and put them about 500 miles out in the ocean. Let the fishermen go out and chum the waters as well, any that make it to shore and can speak English can stay, but they have to spend 4 years in the Army first.

But thats just me. I'm a liberal and you probably don't agree.

Gahrie said... usual you are half insane and half genuis. I would merely point out that the immigration problem did not begin with Pres. Bush while acknowledging he has done nothing to fix it.

alanna983zane said...

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Nathrax said...

True the immigration problem started a long time ago. I did mean mean to imply the Bush started it just that it is policy to do nothing about it....especially I think because California is not a Republican state, generally.