Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fantasy Football

I am in 2 ESPN leagues (1 cash), 4 Yahoo leagues, a Yahoo Pro Pick'em, a Yahoo College Pick'em, a Yahoo survival league and an offline cash league.

I'm going to be going nuts on Sundays this Fall.

UPDATE: I drafted my offline team tonight. There is no bench, and you can protect your players when you drop them for their bye week. (no one else can draft them before you have a chance to get them back the next week) The points are geared exclusively around touchdowns (no points for yardage) and you get more points the longer the scoring play. It was a 7 team league, and I drafted first, snake draft. My team follows:
QB: Marc Bulger
RB: L. Tomlinson
RB: B. Westbrook
WR: Randy Moss
WR: Terrel Owens
TE: A. Becht ( I had Antonio Gates until I was informed he was suspended for the first week, I'll have a chance to get him in week 2)
K: S.Janikowski
D: Carolina (pure defence, no special teams, and points scored against special teams and the offence don't count)

If there had been room, I had a chance to get Torry Holt also...he went in the fifth round.

I plan on winning this league.

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