Friday, August 12, 2005

San Bernardino - Fast Food Capital of the World

Not many people know that San Bernardino is the Fast Food capital of the world, but it is. First, the original, and still the greatest, fast food chain, McDonald's was founded here, on 14th & E streets. (sadly, the original building no longer exists, but there is a modest fast food museum there now) Early customers of McDonald's included the men who founded the fast food chains of: Taco Bell, Taco Tia, Del Taco, Naugles, Baker's and Der Weinerschnitzel. The man who operates the Sizzler chain, and has more Kentucky Fried Chicken francises than anyone else was also inspired by the original McDonald's. San Bernardino really should do more to develop and market this historical feature.


Nathrax said...

I think they already have. Isn't 90% of the people in Sanbernardino morbidly obese?

Jeff Scism said...

Yeah, right.