Thursday, June 23, 2005

Supreme Court Outrage

I cannot express how upset and disappointed I am right now. The 5-4 decision today is one of the most outrageous rulings the Court has ever made. The Supreme Court has just handed the government the right to confiscate your private land for practically any reason they see fit. If that is not tyranny what is? The Supreme Court has now put significant restrictions to our Rights of Life, Liberty and Property. At this point I am truly beginning to lean towards the Jefferson quote about the tree of liberty and the blood of revolution. This is an outrage that cannot stand! Americans of every ideology and social status have got to protest this travesty and retrieve our Rights from these judicial tyrants.

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Sunny said...

I am also outraged. As a homeowner, I worked hard to be able to purchase the home I have. The Supreme Court's ruling of eminent domain to provide tax revenue is preposterous. I wonder which is greater, the amount of money homeowners pay on property taxes or the amount of money business owners will pay? Or will the amount of money be inconsequential due to all the revenue which is being generated?