Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to Improve Life for Black People in America

Part of my campaign platform if I was running for president:

1) Change the welfare laws to reward families with both parents instead of punishing them.

2) School choice...vouchers and charter schools. Major emphasis on vocational tech rather than "everyone will go to college".

3) Restore the role of faith...reach out to Black churches and have them do outreach in the innercities. Create a modified version of the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts (and brownies and Girl Scouts) that focuses on morals and urban rather than rural skills. Get companies to fund this rather than pay off Sharpton, Jackson et al.

4) Push back against the thug culture that is glorified by popular media. Dare to be uncool.

5) End illegal immigration, and encourage illegal aliens to self deport, by making it impossible to work, and difficult to live. tax any remittances to Mexico at a rate of 25%.  increase that by 10% every five years.We have no obligation towards illegal immigrants, legal or moral. I would propose changing our immigration and citizenship laws to mirror Mexico's....not because I would actually do it, but to put the hypocrisy of Mexico in the open.

6) Teach our children restraint, self discipline and delayed gratification. Protect the lives of the unborn, and restrict abortion to the small number of cases in which the woman's life truly is at physical risk.

7) Get the police out of their cars and walking a beat. More local police sub stations.

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