Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Star Trek - The Original Series Season 1 Episode 1: The Man Trap

Star date 1513.1

They use the transporter right away. The sacrificial red shirt is actually wearing a blue shirt. McCoy's first "He's dead Jim", only I didn't hear the "he's". Uhura flirting with Spock. Pistol style phasers. Salt monster who shape shifts.

Star date 1513.4

Another 2 sacrificial red shirts..only one's wearing a blue shirt and the other a gold shirt We get a "He's dead", no 'Jim" this time. Hmm...why couldn't they tell one of them was an alien when they beamed back up? The first appearances of Yeoman Rand and Sulu. Another dead guy, this one on the ship and wearing some weird uniform.

Star date 1513.8

They're using the communicators like flip phones. Apparently something happens between now and star date 1513 that wipes out the buffalo. First mention of warp speed.

2 "he's dead Jim"s (sort of)

4 dead crewmen

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