Saturday, September 06, 2008

Update 9/6/08

Well, it's been several days....sorry things are a little complicated right now.

College Football:

Somewhat interesting so far. Big game next week...USC V Ohio State. That should go along way to deciding who will play in the championship game. Notre Dame managed a win.

Pro Football:

I'm in six fantasy leagues......I'm going to be a busy man on Sundays...don't bother me.


The attacks on Gov. Palin: I expected it from the Leftwing wackos and Kossacks....they simply can't help themselves. The fact that the media has so transparently gone into the tank for the Democrats and savaged her this way does surprise me. We may actually be seeing the beginning of the end for traditional media. The political elite and media elite are seriously underestimating her appeal to flyover country.

The election: By all predictors, the Democrats should be winning in a walkover this year. The fact that Sen. Obama doesn't even have the lead that Dukakis or Kerry had at this point is frankly stunning, and the fact that no one is talking about it about it frankly damning. The Democrats are in real danger of losing this election. Personally I think that is a good thing for the country. But I am really frightened about how the Left is going to react. There might be riots.....


I spent about five thousand gold the past couple of days upgrading my equipment. Much of it went for a shiny new sword with a Mongoose enchantment on it. I also bought a new cloak, built a new belt, put a bunch of stamina gems and enchants on my gear and I put a new chest piece on (but it's still nowhere near what I need.)

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