Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just Call Me A Sucker......

So I pay all my bills and debts and never have to declare bankruptcy. I buy a house I can afford and don't borrow against its real or paper equity. I make my payments on time. (I even double my principal payments half the time) I make prudent investments and avoid high risk investments. I pay my taxes on time and don't search for obscure loopholes.

In short I follow the rules. Apparently I am a sucker, and soon my taxes are going to be raised to bail out those who broke the rules and are now whining about it. (Most of whom are far better off than I am) Yeah I'm pissed.

Look I believe in capitalism. One of the features of capitalism, is that when you make risky, poor decisions, you often suffer bad consequences. So responsible people make safe, prudent decisions.

Why the hell is our government bailing out irresponsible people who broke the rules? Let the banks fail...let people get thrown out of houses they can't afford....maybe they'll make better choices next time. How likely is that now, when they know the government will bail them out? I can hear them laughing at me and calling me sucker........

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