Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm.....

Article 1:

"There is no tally of the number of illegal immigrants who have already left the United States, many of whom simply head south over the border with their belongings packed into a car during the annual Christmas exodus, or board scheduled flights for other destinations.
Mexican consular sources in Phoenix say they are seeing a spike in the number of immigrants applying for Mexican citizenship for their U.S.-born children, which will allow them to enroll in schools in Mexico.
They are also seeing a rise in requests for papers enabling families to carry household belongings back to Mexico, free of import duties."

1) It's interesting that Mexican officials consider Mexican illegal immigrants in the U.S. returning to Mexico, to be immigrants to Mexico.

2) It's also interesting to note that the U.S.-born children of Mexican citizens need to apply for citizenship to attend Mexican schools.

Article 2:

"Every day along the 1,952-mile border, children from Mexico cross into the United States and attend public schools. No one keeps statistics on how many.
Citizenship isn't the issue for school officials; district residency is.
U.S. Supreme Court has ruled illegal immigrants have a right to an education, so schools don't ask about immigration status. But citizens and illegal immigrants alike can't falsely claim residency in a school district. "

"Calexico's rapid growth outstripped school resources, resulting in overcrowding and prompting demands that Mexican interlopers be ousted. Taxpayers complained their children were bused across town because neighborhood schools were full, even after Calexico voters approved a $30 million construction measure in 2004. Portable classrooms proliferated. "

1) I wonder what would happen if children from the United States crossed the border into Mexico and tried to attend school there?

2) Calexico is currently facing the same problems that the rest of California began to face 10 to 15 years ago. Looks to me like Calexico has handled it better.


Ed said...

Rats leaving the sinking ship?

Gahrie said...

Why is everyone so down on the US economy?

The only indictator that is remotely bad is the housing market, and that's only bad because the lenders and the borrowers all behave irresponsibly.

I would characterize them more accurately as rats fleeing the exterminator.....

Ed said...

Why down?

Because this is just like the dot.bomb. Equity based on nothing...and when the bubble pops here we go again.

Construction is down and so is the lower end jobs. No lower end jobs no need for Illegals.

Oil at $100/barrel isn't helping.

Can we work on losing our dependance on oil now?

Kirbside said...

Lets see, the people being hurt because of the housing situation... Lenders who prey on stupid people... and stupid people.

I will lose no sleep over them.

to those whose equity has shriveled up and they now owe more than their hoouse is worth... sucksa to be you. When I got the phone calls and thousands of bulk mail offers to refiance and take out equity I ignored them...

The economy is fine... Its the idiots who want the help.

I say let them eat cake.

Gahrie said...

1) New construction is down. That is one of the reasons many illegals are self deporting.

2) If by equity based on nothing:

A) If you are talking about irresponsible housing loans, I agree. However the problem is based on the irresponsible behavior of those who refinanced to live beyond their means, and those who lent them the money.

B) If you are talking about the economy as a whole, you are wrong. Unemployment is down, productivity is up. Imports are down, exports are up. Inflation is practically non-existent, especially if you control for the rise in the price of oil.

3) I'm with you on developing new sources of energy. However methanol and ethanol are not the answer. Neither is government subsidies. I think it'll end up being hydrogen/fusion in the end.

Ed said...

Please do not think that because there are a bunch of idiots who are upsidedown on their loans because for some reason no one thought to say that intrest only loans might might us in the ass that we should feel sorry for them. I think that what has been done might be criminal.

I'm pissed that I will end up paying for lenders and "homeowners" who were irresponsible.
More than once someone had tried to sell me on zero intrest and when I said it was a bad idea I was told I was wrong. Now I'm the one who will pay for it, just like you as a responsible homeowner will have to as well.

The double shot will be all the construction workers who will have reduced wages who are also upsidedown in loans. Watch how many boats will be for sale in a couple of months.

As for alternative energy sources. The company that runs the windmills out in the low desert says they have a plane to set up a larger group in the plane states that could power half the county but they need the same subsidies the other power companies get to do it...they said they might be able to do it if the subsidies they were promosed were acually paid.