Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho........

....It's back to work I go........

I go back to work tomorrow after two weeks off. This is a screwy trimester. We go one week, then we're off for four weeks, then back for four weeks, then off for two weeks, then back.......

I'm of mixed minds right now. I can't wait to see most of the kids again, and I'm teaching fun stuff in both grade levels. ( The Constitution in 8th grade and Feudal Japan in 7th grade) It will also be good to see my colleagues again.

On the other hand, there are my problem children. I have never had so many kids at one time that have stopped even pretending that school is important. I've got dozens of kids who can't even be bothered to cheat. I found myself hoping this morning that some of my least favorite students will have moved away during the break..... which is sad.


Ed said...

I have to say at no time when I was in school did I ever have Fuedal Japan as a subject...which is sad because I bet it's interesting.

World history was:
and that's all that happened in history...Every year.

Gahrie said...

6th grade does ancient history....pre-history, Greece, Rome, Egypt ect.

Then 7th grade does Meso-America, Byzantium, West Africa, early China, Steppe hordes (Huns, Mongols etc) Feudal Japan, Feudal Europe (including renaissance) and we're supossed to do the Enlightenment, but I've never gotten that far.

8th grade is American History: Colonies to WW I. (although no one gets much farther than the Civil War)

no 9th grade history

10th grade is world history..enlightenment to modern times

11th grade is US history depression to modern times (most start much earlier)

12 grade is Government and econ.

These are pretty much the current state guidelines.

Gahrie said...

By the way, one of the coolest things about Feudal Japan is how similar it is to Feudal England...even though they are thousands of miles apart and had no contact with each other.

Ed said...

"we're supossed to do the Enlightenment"

So public school kids are never enlightened?

Explains a lot:-)

Kirbside said...

doesnt this below say it all???

'Sup Ho, 'Sup Ho........

..., man. It be back to work Ah go........

Ah go back to work tomorrow afta two weeks off, know what I'm sayin'? Dis be a screwy trimester, man. We go one week, then we're off fo four weeks, then back fo four weeks, then off fo two weeks, then back.......

I'm of mixed minds right now n' shit. Ah kain't wait to see most of da kids again, 'n I'm teachin' fun stuff in both grade levels n' shit. ( Da Constitution in 8th grade 'n Feudal Japan in 7th grade) Dat shit gots to also be phat to see ma colleagues again.

On da otha hand, there be ma problem children n' shit. Ah has neva had so many kids at one time dat has stopped even pretendin' dat school be important n' shit. I've gots dozens of kids who kain't even be bothered to cheat, know what I'm sayin'? Ah found myself hopin' dis mornin' dat some of ma least favorite students gots to has moved away durin' da break...., man. which be sad.