Sunday, December 16, 2007

Journeyman 12/16/07

I was really of mixed minds about this show in the beginning. I was really geeking on the time travel, (even though it was in the People's Republic of San Francisco) but the whole family/soap opera angst thing was turning me off. I do like the way the brother finally came around though in the last couple of episodes. (him meeting up with Oliva was a nice touch) I don't trust the brother's girlfriend though. I think she's going to turn out to be a bad guy....a government agent working for an agency investigating/controlling the time the fake FBI guy who was killed.

Unfortunately there are rumors that the series will not be brought back after the writer's strike.

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G-Man said...

Journeyman is worth bringing back after the strike. I was iffy in the begining and thought it was a poor Quantum Leap knockoff. But now I actually enjoy the family drama aspect of the show.