Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Open Thread!

What the hell, everyone else is doing it........

Update: I have written about the season finale of Heroes in the comments....


Ed said...

Ok I'll bite.

What did you think of the Heroes season finale?

Gahrie said...

I loved it. If it was a "serious" Sci Fi show, I'd have lots to bitch about....(why did both Petrelli brothers have to die?..He could have just absorbed the ability to fly from his brother and flown himself to space...but I understand the whole plot device of the noble sacrifice and redemption.) There was actually quite a lot to absorb...I've been talking about the episode the last two days at work with a fellow Heroes watcher.

1) What was the point of the scene where Petrelli goes to the past and has the conversation with the guy in the wheelchair? Forshadowing? And isn't it a bit much that his name was Charles?

2) We now know the identities of five of the previous generation of heroes..Both of the Petrelli parents (although the dad died off screen before the first episode), Hiro's father (and isn't it cool to see George Takai in a good role?), Linderman, and Charles (the guy in the wheelchair). It isn't clear if the guy who turns invisible is part of this group, or sort of a transition between them and the current generation.

3) Is Sylar dead? or dead he crawl into the sewer? Or did something drag him into the sewer?

4) Who is the mysterious figure who can see the little girl with the seeking ability when she is thinking of him?

5) Did you catch the symbol on the back banner of the black samurai when Hiro is hurled to the past at the end of the episode? (Did sylar throw him there? Or did he teleport there when Sylar threw him into the building?) The symbol is the same one that is tatooed on the shoulders of those captured by the corporation. Is the black samurai Kensai, the mythical hero that Hiro grew up idolizing?

6) What's going to happen to Mrs. Petrelli now?

7) Is Peter going top fall back to Earth and regenerate? Or how about some interaction of the regenerate power and the atomic blast that allows both to survive? Or fuses them both into one individual?

8) Did Nikki sacrifice herself at the end to allow her evil personality to save Micah and her husband? Did you catch her face in the last shot she was in...I'm betting that is what happened.

Kirbside said...

what about the cheerleaders real mother... the firestarter?

Ed said...

We are presuming that they did die.

1. I think that was telling him that it will take someone special to help him (his brother) and I think that they didn't have time to do it right.

2. I didn't feel that the invisible guy was part of the group just a later player. I think a good part of this new season will be about the JSA as it were.

3. Upon further review I think Sylar was dragged and that's what the bug meant...but it could mean that Sylar is like a bug that can live through anything.

4. Who is he? He's the season two plot line.

5. Yes, yes, yes and yes

6. season two

7. Don't know

8. I took the whole Nikki thing as like the Hulk story line about ten years ago. Nikki was just a part of Jessica and now she accepts it and they are whole... or Nikki was jessica all the time.