Saturday, May 19, 2007


The English language is interesting in it's wide use of colloquialisms. Many of them are used as insults, and many of them eventually enter common usuage.

For instance, just now, on a network, national broadcast news show, a female anchor referred to a convicted child molestor as a scumbag.

I wonder if she knew that a scumbag is a used condom?

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Ed said...

Also interesting is that, while I am in no way defending a child molestor, it isn't the job of the anchor to comment on the news but to report what happened.

It's bad enough that I question the accuracy of the news but to also question the intent of it...most likely it's that the average American needs to be told when to get mad. It's like life is a TV show in front of a studio audience.

"Oh the sign says I should be mad now. Grrrr!"