Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Ministry of Truth

Has anyone else noticed that now that the Leftwing moonbats have totally sullied the reputation of the term "liberal", they have now moved onto the term "progressive"?

I guess that eventually they will move on to the much more descriptive term, the "know-Nothings".


Ed said...

That’s funny.

I guess “conservatives” would change their name to the more descriptive “Fact-ignorers”

Gahrie said...

Except Conservatives aren't ashamed of the term 'consrvatives" and so haven't changed what they call themselves....Ironically, today's conservatives are actually much closer to the original liberals. (which we have to call classical liberal now)

Frankly, I'm glad the moonbats have changed...maybe we can restore the original meaning to the once proud term "liberal".

Towering Barbarian said...

The thing that interests me is the question of how the Left can call themselves "Progressive" when they tend to be so technophobic and afraid of change. Seems a tad Orwellian to me. @_@

Stephen Rider said...

While we're on the topic, have you noticed how "Global Warming" has suddenly morphed into "Climate Change"?

We're supposed to prevent _change_ now? hey Al Gore, I've got a prediction for you. The weather around Chicago is going to get warmer in the next few months, and then get colder again. A year later it will all happen again. What do you propose we do about it?