Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Just War?

I had a conversation yesterday in the staff room. It was with a woman who is about as liberal as you can get. She made the comment that "war never solves anything." I replied "yes it about WWII?" She said "that was different, Pearl harbor was attacked" I had to remind her about the twin towers. She talked about howq unpopular this war was. I talked about how the media is covering this war, and said that if the media had covered WW II the same way, the American people probably wouldn't have supported it.

I have come to realize just how true this is. What if for example the media had covered WW II this way?:

The Japanese internment centers like GITMO?

It was the Japanese who attacked Pearl why are we fighting Germany?

Purposefully carpet bombing German and Japanese cities?

the massive casualtie rates in the average battle?

TV footage of the carnage at Normandy or Iwo Jima?

no tales of heroism like Audie Murphy?

the mistakes like the Navy's torpedos or lining up the airplanes on the runways at Pearl Harbor?

FDR's cozying up to the Soviets, or even the fact that he was crippled and in a wheelchair?


Lord Nazh said...

England would be a walled nation, french women would have german kids and Russia/Japan/Germany would own everything that the US didn't

Donald Douglas said...

Hey, I've got an interesting post up this morning on the strategic possibility of a preventive attack on Iran's nuclear developmental program, if you'd like to take a look:

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