Sunday, February 06, 2005


Good speech, not great.

I am way behind the idea of spreading freedom and representative government around the world, by force if necessary. I believe we have a moral responsibility to free people from brutal dictators if possible. We should be (and hopefully are) actively working to topple the regimes in North Korea and Cuba. We should also be supporting "insurrections" in Syria, Iran, China and other less brutal but still repressive regimes.

I personally would abolish Social Security, but at the very least it has to be reformed. Five years ago, during the Clinton administration even the Democrats were willing to admit this. It's only now that a Republican is trying to fix it you hear the cries about there being nothing wrong with the program.

The Democratic response highlighted everything that is wrong with the Democratic party. It was all about being against Pres. Bush and his ideas, with nothing positive to contribute. Sen Reid showed himself to be a shameless hypocrite and Rep. Pelosi was a shrill hack. If this is the best they can come up with, the Republicans are a shoe in in 2008.

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