Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Illegal Immigration

I was watching Lou Dobbs early this morning, and he did a show on illegal immigration. He's one of the few mainstream jouralists who is openly anti-illegal immigrant. One of the stories was about a group of people called the Minutemen who are going to patrol the Arizona/Mexico border. At the end of the show Lou ran some e-mails he had received. One was from a person ranting against the Minutemen. In the course of the rant, he predicted that the Minutemen would hassle the illegal immigrants and commit various other crimes against them. He then ranted about how the Minutemen should then be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


What the hell about the illegal immigrants? If we were prosecuting them for breaking the law, and shipping their asses back to Mexico, we wouldn't need the Minutemen to patrol the border in the first place. See that's the crux of the problem. The left wing wackos don't understand that crossing the border illegally is a crime, and illegal immigrants are criminals by definition. If we could all just agree on that basic fact, we could easily deal with illegal immigrants.

I'll make the following deal with Mexico or anyone willing immediately.

1) The U.S. will adopt the exact same policies and procedures with regard to border security on it's southern border as Mexico does on it's southern border.

2) The U.S. will adopt the same exact policies as regards translations and accomodations for people who don't speak English as Mexico provides for those who don't speak Spanish.

3) The U.S. will extend the same rights to own property to non-citizens as Mexico does.

4) The U.S. will provide the same amount of social welfare to non-citizens as Mexico does.

Any takers?

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