Saturday, April 08, 2017

Judicial Review

The creation of judicial review was a total scam by Marshall.

Marshall was the Secretary of State under Adams from June 30, 1800 until March 4, 1801 when the Jefferson administration took office.

Marshall was approved by the Senate to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on January 27, 1801. He began acting as the Chief Justice on February 4, 1801.

So for a month he was both the Secretary of State and the Chief Justice.

During this month Marbury was appointed as a Justice of the Peace for the District of Columbia. It was Marshall's job as Secretary of State to deliver Marbury's commission to him...but somehow he forgot to do so, and Madison refused to do so when he replaced Marshall as Secretary of State.

Thus the controversy that led to the case of Marbury V Madison which allowed Marshall to create judicial review in such a way that no one would challenge him, was created by Marshall (on purpose?) while he was simultaneously Chief Justice and Secretary of State.

Could you imagine this happening today?

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