Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hello, my Name is Gary and I am.....

...addicted to the Internet.

My computer broke down last Wed around 1:00 PM. It froze up and when I tried to restart it, Windows wouldn't work right. I tried to fix it, and then reboot it and nothing worked. I was without internet access until I went to my parents' house around 1:00 PM on Friday. 48 hours without being able to log on. I nearly went crazy! My whole life was disrupted.

Yet 15 years ago, I had no internet access. I managed pretty well.

Stop for a few minutes and imagine your life with no:

cable or satellite TV
cell phones
game consoles and handheld games
MP3 player

Scary huh?

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Stephen R said...

Last year, for Lent, my nine-year-old nephew gave up screens. His idea. Anything with a screen: TV, computers, videogames, iPod, movies, whatever. Unless he had to use it for schoolwork, he wasn't doing it.

Smart kid, and incredible self-discipline for his age.

Wants to go into the Navy when he's older.