Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why all the Favregasms?

Brett Favre retired. Finally. Why is everyone acting like the world came to an end? Why are people calling him the greatest of all time? That's simply ridiculous!

Yes he has lots of numbers. He played a long time in an era and a scheme that allowed him to. He's the Bill Ripkin of football, not the Babe Ruth. Most of those records he broke were held by Dan Marino, another quarterback who played a long time in a scheme that allowed him to throw a lot.

Is he better than Elway, Bradshaw, Montana, Young or Staubach? Seriously? Among current players is he better than Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Supposedly (I don't know him) he's a great guy and a great teammate. OK. Fine. But one of the greatest?

Favre was a good player, not a great player. Let's give him his Hall of Fame membership and stop the deification.

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