Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anybody Got An Answer?

How come nobody has ever made a good movie about the War of 1812?

There are some great plotlines:

Dolley Madison saving the contents of the White House as the British invade and burn down our capital

Francis Scott Key writing the Star Spangled Banner

The naval battles of the Great Lakes

The Indian fighting in the mid west

Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans

The U.S.S. Constitution and the naval battles on the Atlantic

1 comment:

Ed said...

Well one reason is that we didn't win so much as not lose.

We tried to take Canada and didn't.

We had our capital burned.

The biggest issue is our greatest victory happened after the war. Not that they knew that...and not that it wasn't hugely important. (like Brittish would have left New Orleans had they taken it.)

More to the point. With all that's going on. That's what you want to talk about? From a pure PoliSci point of view the Democratic National Convention will be fun to watch. Who will be nominated and how? The Dems best bet, I feel, is Obama/Richardson. Obama brings the black and young white vote and Richardson brings the Latino vote. The anti-Clinton backlash is negated. As for McCain. I couldn't tell you his best running mate. Romney would help in the North but the Morman thing is an issue right or wrong.