Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

1st quarter 15:00: Well that was exactly the start the Bears needed.....92 yd return of the opening kickoff. 7-0 Bears.

12:56: Exactly the start they needed..Bears intercept Manning.

11:30: Three and out for Grossman.

6:50: Somebody blew the coverage......53 yd TD pass to Wayne........fumbled snap on the extra point 7-6 Bears.

6:43: Big play. The type Chicago needs, and can't give up. Indy ball.

6:34: The Bears get it right back on Addai's fumble.

5:59: Big running play by Jones. This game has been a series of big plays so far.

4:34: TD Muhammad. Nice throw by Grossman. 14-6 Bears.

2:39: Another fumble by Chicago and an Indy recovery.

End of 1st Quarter: 14-6 Bears.

2nd Quarter 11:21: Indy fieldgoal......14-9 Bears.

8:02: The rain and condensation on the lenses of the HD cameras is completely unacceptable. It REALLY detracts from the image, and blurs it out over much of the screen.

6:09: Good Indy drive....Colts get their first lead. 16-14 Colts.

1:26: Bears cause a fumble and recover it to stop the Colts who were driving.

1:23: Colts get it right back on Grossman's fumble.

:02: Indy misses a field goal.

Halftime: 16-14 Colts. The game is going about the way you would expect. The commercials have been completely underwhelming so far. By the way, if you are doing the grid pool, the same person has won both quarters so far.

Prince is much better than I expected, and is handling the poor conditions (rain) well. This year's halftime show is much better than last year's.

3rd Quarter 7:30: Dungy is trying to game the rules with a quick snap and not letting the defense get off the field. I'm glad he lost that challenge. The game is about making plays, not gaming the rules. Indy kicks the field goal after a long drive down the field that takes up half the quarter. 19-14 Colts.

Big play by Rhodes..lots of arm tackles by the Bears.

4:35: It's obvious that the Bear defense is wearing down. Except to see a lot more Indy rushes.

3:55: Passes on 1st and 2nd down with goal to go? Look how many yards they got on 3rd rushing the ball.

Indy field goal 22-14 Colts.

1:14: Bears kick a fieldgoal. 22-17 Colts.

End of 3rd quarter: 22-17 Colts It's been all Colts since the end of the 1st quarter.

Uh-oh. Subaru may have a bone to pick with Budweiser over their new ad.

13:30: Nice Jones run...ruined by a holding call.

11:44: Indy intercepts and returns for a TD...a bad throw from Grossman. Challenged to see if he went out of bounds. Challenge denied. 29-17 Colts.

9:56: Another bad throw by Grossman and an interception by Indy. Do not expect Grossman to be the starting QB for Chicago next season.

5:05: Chicago turns it over on downs..that is pretty much it.

1:49: Why did the Bears call that timeout? So Grossman has a chance to throw another interception?

End of the game: 29-17 Colts. Well that was completely underwhelming...both the game and the commercials. Well Manning finally won the big game, and the NFL finally has a Black head coach win the Superbowl. Well just to sum up how pathetic things were this year..Prince at halftime was the highlight!

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CBS always have bad image for me, the station always has what you are talking about.